Ansys Lumerical Photonic Component & Circuit Design Software

Cutting edge photonics simulation tools: Ansys Lumerical

Ansys Lumerical is a powerful Multiphysics and SYSTEM simulation tools are designed to help you tackle the most complex challenges in photonics. With these tools, photonics designers can seamlessly model the interactions between optical, electrical, and thermal effects.

One of the advantages of Ansys Lumerical’s simulation tools is their flexibility. The interoperability between the suites allows designers to use a variety of workflows that combine multiphysics and system-level photonic circuit simulation with third-party design automation and productivity tools. Plus, with Python-based automation support via the Automation API and compact-library support for the industry’s leading photonics foundries, photonics products designers can streamline their workflow and improve their efficiency.


Ansys Lumerical Multiphysics Simulation tools

Ansys Lumerical’s component design products use multiphysics-style simulation capabilities and workflows to model optical, electrical and thermal effects at the physical level.

Software lineup (Japanese version, for English version please contact us):

  • FDTD 3D Electromagnetic Simulator
  • RCWA Optical Thin films Simulator
  • MODE Waveguide and Fiber Simulator
  • CHARGE 3D Charge Transport Simulator
  • HEAT 3D Heat Transport Simulator
  • DGTD 3D Electromagnetic Simulator
  • FEEM Waveguide Simulator
  • MQW Quantum Well Gain Simulator
  • STACK Optical Multilayer Simulator

Software lineup (each software details are in Japanese language, for English version please contact us):

INTERCONNECT, Lumerical’s photonic integrated circuit simulator, verifies multimode, bidirectional, and multi-channel PICs. Creating your project in our hierarchical schematic editor, you can use our extensive library of primitive elements, as well as foundry-specific PDK elements, to perform analysis in the time or frequency domain.

CML Efficiently create compact model libraries (CMLs) with the proven reliability of Lumerical CML Compiler. The software automates the creation, maintenance, and QA testing of INTERCONNECT and Verilog-A photonic compact model libraries from a single data source of characterization measurements and 3D simulation results.

Photonic Verilog-A Platform enables multi-mode, multi-channel, and bidirectional photonic circuit modelling when used in conjunction with industry’s leading EDA simulators, facilitating the design and implementation of electronic-photonic integrated systems.


ANSYS LUMERICAL Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulation

About Ansys

ANSYS, Inc. founded in 1970 by John Swanson, and headquartered in south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Ansys is the global leader in engineering simulation software and technologies widely used by engineers, designers, researchers and students across a broad spectrum of industries and academia. The solutions provided by Ansys are used in a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, 5G, biomedical and other industrial sectors. Ansys has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies by prestigious publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek and FORTUNE magazine for its engineering simulation software. Ansys helps the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software Ansys helps engineers solve the most complex design challenges and create products limited only by imagination.
In 2020, Ansys has acquired Lumerical, the leader in high-performance silicon photonic simulation, extending Ansys’ capabilities to address the challenges of the photonic industry.
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