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Optics and Photonics Simulation and Foundry services

LightBridge is an innovative company that provides advanced simulation software and foundry services for optics and photonic device designers and manufacturers. Our partnership with Ansys and MPW foundry services from Smart Photonics and Ligentec provides customers with access to cutting-edge technology and expertise, enabling them to create high-performance optical and photonic devices for a variety of applications.

The Ansys Lumerical simulation software is a powerful tool that allows designers to simulate the behavior of photonic devices before they are fabricated. This saves time and money by enabling designers to identify and correct potential issues before production begins. The software can simulate a wide range of devices, including lasers, modulators, detectors, and waveguides, and it supports a variety of materials and fabrication processes.

In addition to simulation software, LightBridge also offers access to MPW (multi-project wafer) foundry services from Smart Photonics and Ligentec. MPW foundry services allow multiple customers to share the cost of producing a batch of wafers, making it more affordable for smaller companies and startups to access advanced manufacturing technology. This allows designers to prototype and test their designs without having to invest in their own expensive fabrication equipment.

More about the company

LightBridge is a leading company specialized in the field of photonics. We offer a wide range of services, from optical analysis software provided by Ansys to Photonic Foundry services.

We have a team of experts with the latest technology and specialized knowledge to provide solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. All our services are of the highest quality, reliability, and safety, ensuring the optimal realization of our clients’ business ideas.

At LightBridge, we strive to be our customers’ partner in growth and provide them with the best support for their business ideas.

More about our team

LightBridge is fueled by a multicultural team with different background and professional expertise, providing clients with a wide range of business services and products related to photonics technology.