Unleash Your Photonics and Optics Ideas with LightBridge Simulation Software and Foundry Services

Empowering photonic and optical device designers and manufacturers to create high-performance devices with cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Why LightBridge

At LightBridge, we’re more than just experts in optical systems and photonics technology – we’re your partners in success.

As a certified Ansys Channel partner, we Offer cutting-edge software namely Ansys Lumerical and Zemax to help customers design photonics and optical devices and systems that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

For over eight years, we’ve been proud to provide Japanese customers with Ansys Lumerical photonics simulation software and support services. And now, we’re thrilled to offer even more – our partnership with Imec and Smart Photonics allows us to provide top-quality photonics foundry services, so you can bring your designs to life with ease.

At LightBridge, we’re dedicated to finding the best solutions for your photonics and optics needs. Whether you’re looking for simulation software, support services, or foundry services, we’ve got you covered. We know the challenges that photonic and optical device designers and manufacturers face, and we’re here to help you overcome them and achieve your goals.

When you work with LightBridge, you can expect:

  • Advanced simulation software and foundry services
  • Cutting-edge technology and expertise that help you create high-performance photonic and photonics devices for a variety of applications
  • The support of a dedicated team that understands your needs and is committed to helping you succeed

Don’t let the challenges of photonics and optical design hold you back – partner with LightBridge today and take your devices to the next level. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you become the hero of your story.

Products and Services

Ansys Lumerical & Zemax

LightBridge offers Ansys cutting-edge Optical and Photonic simulation solutions to accurately model the behavior of light in a wide range of innovative products. From nanoscale/microscale simulations with Ansys Lumerical photonics products, to imaging of the physical world with Ansys Zemax, to even the intricacies of human vision perception with Ansys Speos.

Foundry Services

LightBridge provides Japanese customers with access to Ligentec SiN MPW foundry services and Smart photonics InP MPW foundry services. These services allow customers to produce small quantities of photonic devices on a shared wafer, reducing the cost and time associated with producing large batches of devices.

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