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LightBridge is fueled by a multicultural team with different background and professional expertise, providing its Japanese customers with cutting-edge photonics solutions to help drive innovation in variety of applications, including telecommunications, sensing, and data centers.

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Redouane Katouf


LightBidge founder and Managing director, Dr. Redouane Katouf, has over 15 years of technical experience in photonic devices, with a track record of supporting products for growing markets.

Professional Experience
Tsukuba University: Phd degree in electrical engineering
Researcher at NICT 2006-2009
Assistant/Associate professor at Yokohama National university 2009-2015
Engineering manager 2015-2016

Areas of Practice
Photonics, electronics

French, Japanese, English and Arabic

James B. Cole

Technical Adviser

Professional Experience
Professor at National Academy of Sciences

Areas of Practice

James B. Cole is an interdisciplinary physicist, who specializes in computational optics and photonics. He was a research physicist at several US national laboratories. He was a US National Research Council Fellow at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and a visiting Scientist at RIKEN (Photodynamics Laboratory in Sendai, Japan). Dr. Cole is a former professor at the University of Tsukuba, where he developed high precision algorithms to simulate light propagation in complicated structures. Lately he has been a senior research fellow of the US National Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Cole is the author of numerous academic journal articles and lately a book,
J. B. Cole and S. Banerjee, “Computing the Flow of Light, the Nonstandard FDTD Methodology for Photonics Design,” SPIE Press, 2017,

Dr. Cole specializes in FDTD simulations of light propagation in complicated subwavelength structures (such as photonic crystals, and waveguides) and though non-homogeneous environments.